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About us


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On January 25th 2008

The Napolitano family (Ciro, Pina y Vicenzo) arrived from the Montecatini in the Tuscany region. They opened the door of Trattoria Toscana Mia, offering what they know best: Italian home made food, Fresh pasta, pizza and good Italian wine. All recipes are original from Mamma Pina who has worked all her life on many different Italian kitchens.

About Us At present is administered by Vincenzo and Amine.  Vicenzo personally cook his mothers recipes and services the restaurant. Trattoria Toscana Mia is a restaurant that respects original recipes and times of each ingredient, with the proper care of the freshness of the dishes, from pastas, pizzas, meat and fish, as well as the bread and focaccia that are baked every day.


We hope to see you in our home, Toscana Mia in Bucerias, Italian cuisine in Mexico.